Hello. I’m Yazan.
I’m passionate about ideas, music, communications, psychology, and self-improvement.

I’m a social marketing & advertising professional with over seven years of experience in social media marketing, content marketing, paid social strategy, and influencers campaigns.

I have a solid agency background working across different verticals covering Entertainment, Fitness, Tourism, FMCG, and Technology.
I’m currently heading the social media department at Spotify for MENA region.


Paid Social

I have solid skills and experience in paid social campaigns, with a focus on performance marketing.
I can strategize and execute paid campaigns to help you increase your brand awareness, get people talking about your brand, or buy your products online and offline.

Content Strategy

I have extensive experience crafting bespoke content strategies for different verticals covering entertainment, FMCG, fitness, technology, tourism, gaming, and governmental.
With an up-to-date knowledge of what types of content works on social to help to achieve your objectives from online buzz to sales and leads.

Influencers Strategy

I have worked on various influencers’ strategies for different brands on always-on, and ad-hoc basis.
Dealt with Tier A, B, and C influencers on different campaigns and have solid relationships with household names in the MENA region.

Social Channels Strategy

I have a deep understanding of the different leading social channels and how to strategize and leverage them to help you with your marketing objectives.
I have up-to-date knowledge to develop channel mixes and ecosystems that enables you to reach your right audience where they’re most engaged and receptive.

Social Media Listening

I can help you set up and execute social listening dashboards to capture and analyze the community’s sentiment and chatter about you and your competition.
I have the skills to analyze and assess your brand sentiment online and take actions to improve it and solve your customers’ most recurring issues and problems.


Throughout my experience I have developed leadership and management skills that qualify me to guide and mentor people to the right destination.
I have great emotional skills and I can connect with people on a deeper-level which enable me to unlock their potential, make them feel more engaged at work, and work with them to help achieve their personal and professional goals.


Started my first job when I was 14

My first job was as a Florist

I’m a school dropout

Summer is my favorite season

I share a birthday with Robin Williams

My favorite number is 21

Brands I worked with in the past


What people said about me

Majd Abi AliHead of Audience MENA @ VICE

‘Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Yazan. He expertly filled the role of AM and his ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team. As a team member or a leader, Yazan earns my highest recommendation.

Issa YounesMarketing Consultant

Yazan is a visionary and always makes decisions with the future in mind, a true marketer that is able to take a concept to reality while making a big bang. His honesty, integrity & infectious enthusiasm surpass the expectations I had. Yazan is a true professional & it is my pleasure to recommend him personally and professionally.

Barnaby ReadFreelance Journalist

A great Account Manager, Yazan led our early training at OSNand was a constant pool of knowledge to call upon. Highly knowledgeable in digital and social media marketing, buying and planning, Yazan was a pleasure to work with.

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