On life, and dreams

On life, and dreams


If you could have a look on my life about 10 years ago, you would see a poor little boy, with lost dreams and big hopes in his eyes. A little kid who just left school to seek unknown opportunities in a world of  uncertainties. An unlucky teenager with stolen dreams, and shattered life.

Those all were the results of a shakeup caused by one of life’s misfortunes any family could face.

It felt like a shady dream, I was in denial. All those fancy days, when I didn’t care about money or getting what I want, were replaced by the responsibility of getting a part-time job to help with the situation.

I luckily found a job as a florist in a flowers shop, around 10 miles from home, where I got to work 6 hours after school for $90 a month, a paycheck that could barely cover my basic life needs back then, but it was better than nothing.

In a remarkable turn of events, I got a job in a cybercafe owned by a friend for double the salary, having the opportunity to browse the internet for an average of 8 hours a day for free, where I could see the future so clearly in my eyes, and my passion started to ignite. I knew deep inside this could lead to a better life, I knew back then the internet is changing the world forever.

A year after, when I got closer to high school I reached a difficult crossroad, where I had to choose of either focusing on my education, or my career. When the touch of madness I have in me started colliding with my family’s fears believing that I should take the path everyone was taking. It was one of the most difficult decisions I ever had to make, it was almost like a throw of a dice, or a flip of a coin, nothing was so sure, nothing was so clear. But I didn’t relent to anyone’s will but mine. I had this strong gut feeling it will all turn out to be fine at the end. I followed my heart and I had to live with the consequences of everyone’s blaming and scolding for making the bad decision of  dropping out of school, and for being such a huge failure in my relatives’ eyes for the next few years

Since I was a kid, I always had a touch of hope in me, a strong faith in big dreams, those great happy endings we saw in the movies. Whenever I felt down, I used to close my eyes and replay that part of A Knight’s Tale – the movie – in my head when Heath Ledger was trying to convince his dudes they can be champions, they can live the better side of this life, they can change their stars, whenever I did that, something used to sparkle in me, something used to draw a stupid smile on my face, and give me hope through the hard times.

Years went by, and I kept myself laser-focused on making myself a better person in my field, on standing out the competition without a school or a college degree. It wasn’t all romantic, and I had to apply for jobs hundreds of times with no luck, benchmark myself with jobs requirements and improve myself accordingly. I have made lots of big mistakes along the journey, been through tens of failures and really hard times, but this never stopped me, and I have always pushed myself to stand up again. It wasn’t any easy process, but one thing kept me going, it was my faith in my dreams, my strong belief that I can take what I want from life in my own way, it was my strong believe that happy endings exists, and men can really change their stars outside movies, too.

As of today, after almost 10 years of being that little poor boy, life is smiling big at me again, and I am one step closer toward my dreams. Folks, I would like to confirm you one thing out of my very own personal experience: dreams work, they do and in the same magical ways we see in movies. How difficult situations you are going through, don’t lose faith.

Believe in those stupid Pinterest motivational quotes, and those inspiring speeches on YouTube, because they are so damn true. Live for the pleasure of proving the world wrong, and the delights of living life your own way, and not letting anyone take the steering wheel to your destiny. Be your own life’s pilot, trust your  guts and no matter how dark it seems, just keep going, eventually we will all get there.

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